This Why We Need Alternative Energy Sources

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The need for alternative energy sources is getting urgent, hence the development of renewable energy is moving fast. Nationally and internationally various individuals and research companies are creating new and exciting energy systems. Some of these apparatus are great works and need improving for massive use. Politician’s world-wide are drafting policies and are making agreements to make greater use of these energy sources.

The first problem is that the fossil fuels are depleting in a rapid rate and are harder to retrieve. The consequence is that we can be facing an energy crisis in the future is we are not careful today. The energy prices will sky rocket and not be available for many individuals or countries. To avoid this doom scenario we need to find alternatives and used them to their full potential. Luckily this is already happening.

The second problem is that the fossil fuels that are widely used today are harmful for the environment. In the early seventies and eighties there were people and even scientist who preach otherwise, but today the negative effects are showing. The earth is warming up and climates are changing. There are parts in the world were there be more rain and sunshine and others parts will be come dryer then they already are. Another negative effect is that the ozone layer is getting thinner which also leads to a warming up of the earth. These two effects compliment each other and make it even more crucial to make another step in a different direction. This step will lead us to the use of renewable energy.

Another problem lies in the development of small economies. Because the energy prices for crude oil are going through the roof, these countries suffer even more. Many of these countries need crude oil for their electricity and means of transportation. These high oil prices have their effect on almost everything. The monthly electricity costs for households increase among others like transport cost and prices for basic products. Hence, these high oil prices make it harder for these small countries to grow there economies.

The solution for the above problems can be resolved by renewable energy. Our beautiful planet gives us the opportunity to make proper us of sunlight, flowing water, strong winds, and hot springs and convert these into energy. These energy sources are abundant and free to use. We must be sure that we convert the energy the right way, without causing other problems that can again hurt our environment. Luckily the many efforts by individuals and companies show that this can be done.

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  2. By Einstein on Jan 22, 2010 | Reply

    I need someone who knows about renewable or alternative energy sources (URGENT!)?
    I’m starting an ICT 8 Junior Project, which is simply create a website based on a certain topic. Mine is Alternative Energy Sources, but I need to include someone who knows about this topic. This someone has to give me at least minimal help.I scoured the internet, tried forums, but nothing. Is there anyone that can at least give me a helping hand out there? Nothing big, but the person MUST know what they’re talking about. Thanks.

  3. By LMurray on Jan 22, 2010 | Reply

    I would like to help. You can go to my web sight, then ask any question you have. Also you can look up my old answers to get more ideas.

    Climate change represents an opportunity as much as a threat: By Walt Patterson

    Peak oil

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  4. By jade on Jan 22, 2010 | Reply

    Try to find anyone in your state that uses it’s own watse to cut down on emissions. They should be able to help you or at least know someone who could. Even some big companies reuse or try to use alternative energy sources.
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    My time and research and ALOT of good tv.

  5. By bohemian_garnet on Jan 22, 2010 | Reply

    If you are interested in having information about commercial wind turbines, you can contact me. My husband works on the commercial wind turbines in Idaho.

    I’ll put you in contact (via the web) with my husband. Since I’m guessing you are a teen, I’d like you to ask your parents permission. It’s just good form, and good cyber saftey to ask parental permission before speaking to an adult via private emails.

    You can click on my account and view questions I’ve answered about wind turbines before. My husband is D_Offio. If you click on him (in the contacts under my name) you can see questions he has answered before, and decide if you are interested.

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  6. By Da_Gibb on Jan 22, 2010 | Reply

    Scoured the internet? You must not have tried for long.
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