If You Haven’t Looked Into Solar Power Recently, You Will be in for Quite a Surprise

March 7th, 2010 | by ADMIN |

With a new and green administration in the White House, and with the media’s increasing coverage of the environment impact we are having on our planet, you likely are thinking of ways to improve your lifestyle and adopt green living practices.

You may have big dreams of starting your new green living by switching to solar power for your house. The good news is that if you haven’t looked into solar power recently, you will be in for quite a surprise. Where once it would take thousands of dollars of investment for you to switch to solar power and install solar panels to your house, there are now do-it-yourself solar panel kits on the market. These kits are affordable and relatively easier for a seasoned do-it-yourself er to install. Then, for only a few hours of your time and a few hundred dollars (rather than thousands of dollars), you can be living green!

You can also stretch your usage of solar power by looking at easy ways to save solar energy consumption. By making small changes to your household, you can drastically cut down your energy usage and get more bang for your green. First, save energy at home by turning off unused electronics and appliances. There is a phantom energy drain on many appliances that aren’t even turned on. If they are plugged into the wall, many appliances are using energy. This goes from your cell phone charger to your microwave, coffee maker, and even lamps. An easy project is to buy a few power strips and plug all of your main appliances into the power strip. Then when you aren’t using the appliances, you can simply turn off or unplug the main power strip.

Other ways to save on energy are just as simple. Your air conditioner is one of the largest drains of energy on your household, and you may be looking at how to save energy using A/C conservation tips. First, when your A/C is turned on, turn up the thermostat to save energy. Adjust the thermostat to 78 degrees or higher. Turn the A/C off completely on nice days or when you will out of the house for a full day or longer. When you will be out of the house for a few hours or longer, turn the thermostat up a few extra degrees. Use ceiling fans in the rooms are you in. Also, the proper maintenance of your A/C is critical. Be sure to get an annual maintenance on your A/C and change your filters regularly. Use weather strips on leaky windows and doors to keep the cool air inside where you want it.

Your clothes dryer is also a major energy drain, ranking among the highest energy usage appliances in your house. You can always dry your clothes on a clothesline in your backyard. But if that seems impractical or inconvenient, there is another green way. For a small price, you can save energy with a dryer conversion kit. These affordable kits are designed to convert the energy usage of your electric or gas dryer into a liquid propane usage dryer.

It’s not hard to be green. It simply takes a little effort to make small and easy changes to your daily life!

Daniel McDowell

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